Eric and Jennifer Garcia

Eric and Jennifer Garcia are the cofounders of the Alliance for Marriage and Family™ (formerly Association of Marriage and Family Ministries/AMFM).

When Eric and Jennifer saw a need to equip and resource marriages and families in their church, this sparked the vision to create and develop the Alliance.  This dream put them on a journey that continues today. They enjoy seeking out practices that will help equip churches to best serve their entire congregation in building healthy relationships.

Since 2003, Eric and Jennifer, along with their ministry partners, have served individuals, couples, and families in all 50 States and more than a dozen countries through churches and community organizations. Couple to Couple Mentoring is their passion, and when you add all their partnering organizations, almost every area of relationship ministry is available to churches.

Serving in the leadership of the marriage and family ministries at Scottsdale Bible Church and North Bible Church, along with advising/training hundreds of churches across the country, gives Eric and Jennifer a unique depth of ministry experience.

Eric and Jennifer are the authors of the Couple-to-Couple Marriage Mentoring™ Ministry Model and Training Program, and Marriage and Family Ministry Made Simple™.  Their passion is to encourage and train churches in couples’ mentoring and building marriage and family ministries, both of which have proven to strengthen and grow local congregations.

Eric and Jennifer have been married since 1991. They have four adult children, and live in Phoenix, Arizona.