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Eric and Jennifer Garcia, founders of the Alliance for Marriage & Family.


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Transforming Marriages & Families happens one step at a time.
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“To prepare: to get ready, to educate yourself based on a future need.”  We’ll help you educate yourself on what you’ll need in the future so you can experience meaningful and successful relationships–in dating, engagement, marriage, parenting, adoption, and others.


“Enrich: To add greater value and significance, and abundance.” We’ll help you learn all you can about relationships so that you’re growing as a person and proactively educating yourself on how to be your “best “ in your important relationships.


“Restore: To bring back to a state of health, soundness, vigor and value.”  There aren’t “3 easy steps” to restoring broken relationships. But restoration is a process that can be learned. We’ll help you learn that process & restore your relationship(s) to health and vigor.

We’re here to help you.

2 + 2 = ?

“Our commitment is to serve churches. We believe strongly that healthy marriages and strong families create strong/vibrant churches, impacting the world for Christ.”

Eric and Jennifer Garcia

“Building healthy marriages and strong families truly is at the front line of strengthening the church and evangelizing the world!”

Eric and Jennifer Garcia